Helping get people into
programs and into jobs

helping get people into programs and into jobs

ChatGPT Plus account required

* ChatGPT Plus account required

What is the pilot?

The pilot will test a custom GPT powered by OpenAI designed to help learners to better understand their skills gaps and find a micro-credential to fill them. will be accessible for free once pilot testing has concluded in Spring 2024.

Use to engage with the eCampusOntario Micro-credentials Portal and rapidly assess your skills and competencies, match these to what employers are looking for, and find micro-credential education programs to bridge any skills gaps.

We’re pleased to present this pilot to engage users in the continuous improvement of the tool.

Who is for?

Learners, professionals, and businesses looking to upskill.


Why use

  • Access training from Ontario’s postsecondary institutions
  • Businesses can support employee upskilling for career advancement
  • Learners can accelerate their career or reskill towards new professional goals
  • Efficient way to map a career trajectory and discover the credentials needed to pursue the pathway

How does work?

  • GPT provides a curated list of Micro-credentials tagged with Labour Market Information
  • Learners can focus on specific geography or priority areas (eg. green skills, innovation skills)
  • Tool can sort micro-credentials by industry requirements

Register your ChatGPT Plus Account is a leading-edge experimentation and proof of principle and requires a ChatGPT Plus account to use. ChatGPT can make errors; please use caution when experimenting with the tool. Please reach out to if you have any questions.


ChatGPT Plus account required

About Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials are rapid training programs offered by postsecondary education institutions across the province that can help you get the skills that employers need.


  • take less time to complete than degrees or diplomas
  • may be completed online and may include on-the-job training
  • are often created with input from business sectors, so the skills being taught match employer needs

Whether you’re looking to upskill and elevate your career, explore a new career path, or broaden your learning, micro-credentials can get you there.

  • Industry-relevant learning opportunities for everyone
  • Costs less than a degree or diploma
  • Options to learn where and how you want

About eCampusOntario

eCampusOntario is a provincially-funded non-profit organization that leads a consortium of the province’s publicly-funded colleges, universities and indigenous institutes to develop and test online learning tools to advance the use of education technology and digital learning environments.

We support Ontario and its academic institutions to be global leaders in the design of rich, inclusive, and flexible digital learning experiences grounded in an evidence-based, creative understanding of learners, educators, and communities.

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